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2016 Remodeling Design Awards

New Extended Deadline 


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Registration Guidelines

The Remodeling Design Awards is a prestigious, national competition. Award winners will be featured in the September issue of Remodeling and online at remodelingmag.com. A select number of winners also will be featured in lengthier articles throughout the year. There is no minimum or maximum number of awards in each category. One project will be chosen from among the winners as “Best of the Year.”

The Remodeling Design Awards has moved to a digital format. This process will save you hours of work finding photos, stuffing and mailing binders. Please use either Chrome or Firefox as your browser when registering and completing the forms.

Remodeling contractors, architects, builders, developers, planners, kitchen and bath specialists and other remodeling professionals may submit projects completed after June 1, 2014. Hanley Wood employees, their relatives, and regular contributors to the magazine are not eligible.

Entries must be original in all respects, and by submitting your entry, you represent and warrant that no part of the entry was taken from or based on any other work such that the entry infringes on the intellectual property rights of any person.


  • Whole-house remodeling: Renovations that encompass more than 50% of a house; may include additions.
  • Additions: The addition of a room or rooms to an existing structure.
  • Commercial remodeling: The renovation of light commercial and other non-residential structures.
  • Historically sensitive renovation: Not preservation projects, but projects on residences built before 1950 that elevate and enhance a structure’s historical spirit while incorporating design that satisfies current lifestyle needs.
  • Kitchen remodeling: A substantially redesigned and/or reconstructed kitchen.
  • Bathroom remodeling: A substantially redesigned and/or reconstructed bathroom.
  • Green remodeling: Projects that maximize renewable products and techniques. Must show high architectural and design standards as well as functionality.
  • Craftsmanship/detail: A specific element in a project, e.g., joints, transitions, trim, carpentry, stairs, entryways, cabinetry. Include a detailed description of the craftsmanship.
  • Basement remodeling: A substantially redesigned and/or reconstructed basement.
  • Residential exterior remodeling: Renovations that enhance a residence’s overall exterior. Projects may include additions such as porches, conservatories, porticoes and decks as well as recladding.
  • Better Living/Universal Design: A whole house (more than 50% of the home), room remodel, or addition designed with UD principles. Must show high architectural design standards as well as functionality. Include a detailed description pointing out UD principles.

Important Dates
May 10, 2016 → Register, upload materials and pay the early bird rate of $149
New Extended Deadline:  Friday, June 3  → Submission deadline for late entries.  The fee is $175

*No refunds will be issued

How to prepare your entry
You can register, complete your entry forms, and upload your entry materials (including images, descriptions and documentation) by submitting everything through this website in a three-step process.

STEP ONE:  Register your project.
STEP TWO:  Pay your fees.
STEP THREE: Fill out online entry forms and upload your entry materials, as outlined below.  You may also return to this website to add to or modify your entry at a later date.

Notification:  Winners will be notified in early July.  Winners may be asked for additional product-related information about their winning projects.

Publishing Rights:  Images of winning projects will be used online in conjunction with the Remodeling Design Awards and may be published in Remodeling magazine and in a collection of award-winning designs, posted on our Web site, and published in marketing materials for future Remodeling Design Awards. All other uses will require the photographer’s express permission.

Confidentiality: Company and/or individual names may not appear on any image, floor plan or other material to be judged. Company and/or individual names may appear only on the Participant Information Sheets.


Photographs: Upload interior and exterior images that depict the scope and nature of the project. Please include at least two (2) before images. (Any format is acceptable including photographs, color or black and white copies, snapshots)

For most projects, four (4) to eight (8) color professional quality 8x10 inch “after” images. For bathroom remodeling or small project/details, at least three (3) images.

Images should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and MUST be in jpg format.

Plans and Drawings: Each entry must have before and after floor plans, elevations or other drawings sufficient to illustrate the project’s scope. Floor plans should be presentation style and labeled with room dimensions.

Questions?  Please contact us at rmda@hanleywood.com 

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