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Remodeling Design Awards FAQ

So, the RMDAs no longer exist?

Yes and no. The RMDAs are no longer their own program. However, since we have merged with our sister program, the Builder's Choice Custom Home Design Awards (BCCHDAs), there are now categories in that program for remodeling projects.


When did the RMDAs and BCCHDAs merge?

We merged in 2019.


Do the BCCHDAs have categories relevant to remodeling?

Yes! Here are the remodeling categories:

  • Whole-House Remodels and Additions (may include adaptive reuse)
  • Interior Renovations (including master suites, basement, attics, mudrooms, etc.)
  • Accessory Building / Outdoor Spaces (deck, patio, pool house, stable, garden house, guesthouse, etc.)
  • Kitchen (new construction or remodel)
  • Bath (new construction or remodel)


Will I need to create another account to apply for the BCCHDAs?

Nope! The RMDAs and the BCCHDAs use the same platform. If you've entered either program in the past, you'll be able to log into your account on the BCCHDA homepage to complete an application.


When do the BCCHDAs open for applications?

The program will open March 4, 2019. The deadline to submit is April 26, 2019.


Where can I find more information about the BCCHDAs? 

Please go to the BCCHDA homepage: https://www.bcchdesignawards.com.


Who can I talk to if I have a question?

Please contact our staff at bcchda@hanleywood.com.